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Too many unsorted emotional tools in the hands of your younger emotional systems, or a well organised self aware emotional tool kit?

You have the power to  change and the power to choose

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Introducing the Emotional Age Color Wheel ©

It starts with an understanding that no one has a fixed emotional age.  No two people have the same emotional age EA Color Wheel. Any of the many different versions of the EA Color Wheel on this site are just examples of one person’s emotional age as they use different kinds of tools from their emotional age tool bag. We use different emotional tools at any one particular hour of one particular day.

Recognise Your Different Energy states or patterns and the different Emotional Tools they each use

Each stage is recognisably different because inside you will  feel a different energy in your body.

Each state or pattern is accompanied by different thoughts, words and feelings.

Each state or pattern uses different emotional tools to help make things happen or get things done.

The more aware you are of each time you change emotional tools, the greater your self empowerment.

If you can see where you are on the EA Color Wheel it means you are not stuck there. You can move to another spot on the Color Wheel. If you can talk about it too, you can move faster.

The better you also become at moving around the Color Wheel and balancing your life and your energy between your grown-up and less-than-grown-up emotional tools.

You can use the EA Color Wheel to help see where you are and understand what you are feeling at that moment.

You can use the Color Wheel combined with your growing sense of self-awareness to move from one place on the Wheel to another part that will work better for you.

Using your own Emotional Age Color Wheel you can learn how easy it is to get yourself out of any very young emotional state, and stay out of it

Read the page EA Case Study - The Simple Secret Behind the EA Color Wheel  Then when you feel ready you can go to  “Put Your EA Color Wheel to Work and Your FREE Do it Yourself EA Color Wheel  “  to discover how you can quickly learn to use this Color Wheel to help you:

overcome blockages inside you that limit your personal growth and success

How you do this is explained on the page Put Your EA Color Wheel to Work

 On this site I explain how you can use different  EA wheels to increase your self-awareness and your sense of self empowerment and change your life .


What is “emotional age” ?   Understanding Emotional Age and the different states and patterns  and the kinds of tools  we use each day Start here

Putting your Understanding to Work  to make changes in your Life click here


Signs that a very young self is still driving  click here

More signs that point to our very young systems may still be driving the bus click here

What will the neighbours say? Another sign Click here

How we feel when the very young systems  take  over  click here

Emotional Age Case study  click here

Your FREE Do-it-yourself Emotional Age Book  E-mail me   using the header “Emotional Age Book”

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See also  the Balancing opposite energies   and the extensive Bibliography 85 years of History behind the EA Color Wheel, Self Awareness and Self Empowerment.

Four different EA zones - we, all of us, move in and out of these four zones every day.  If we move automatically it can lead to problems. Moving consciously is empowering.

The coloured EA Wheel and the four different EA zones - The names and colours help you to be more aware of your different kinds of emotional age when you are in each EA zone

In my book “Flying Awareness” - there are 20 or more different pictures like the ones below illustrating what it’s like in each zone, how to tell if you are stuck too long in any one zone  and how you can move consciously from one zone to the next whenever you want to.

Here is one example that illustrates how we think and feel when we are stuck in the PYRO zone and about not making changes or making changes according to where we are on the EA wheel.

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It’s OK to feel “young at heart” as long as your emotional tool bag
doesn’t feel too empty or too disorganised at the same time

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