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It’s OK to feel “young at heart” as long as your emotional tool bag
doesn’t feel too empty or too disorganised at the same time

Growing Self Awareness

The Growing Awareness Series Sites

My  Flagship site   - www.voice-dialogue-inner-self-awareness.com


The latest information on voice dialogue - a powerful tool for growing self-awareness, self empowerment, self-healing and the Key to Balancing your Life..This site explains voice dialogue and self awareness using recognised terms and descriptions. It is dedicated to Dr Hal Stone and and Dr Sidra Stone who developed this powerful process and their continuing work on the Psychology of the inner Selves.

My new site

Emotional Age Awareness explained  - a powerful tool


My first website now in its 15th year - www.growingaware.com.auwww.growingaware.com.au

Most pages from this original site are being transferred to the new Flagship site (above) but there are still many pages well worth while reading. More information about voice dialogue - a powerful tool for growing self-awareness, self empowerment, self-healing and the Key to Balancing your Life.

Balance and unblock your inner clamps - www.core-beliefs-balance.com


Core beliefs are one of the main causes of clamps and blockages that stop us growing or doing what we want to in life. This site will help you to diagnose your own unique negative core belief and then balance it.

Loving and Protecting very young Systems everywhere - www.love-your-inner-child.com


Dedicated to very young Systems everywhere. A magical site with some practical advice on how to love, protect and care for your own very young System using voice dialogue and other skills including visualisation and story telling..

A Self Awareness site to help Men and Women overcome the toxic influence of their Inner Patriarch and Inner Matriarch  - www.growingaware.net


Self awareness and self empowerment can work differently for women and men. At the heart of these differences are two extremely dangerous systems - the Inner Matriarch and the Inner Patriarch. They fight each other constantly and they encourage fights between men and women. The only thing they have in common is that they are both dedicated to keeping all men and all women out of loving, successful grown-up relationships at home, at work or anywhere else. We all have an Inner Patriarch and an Inner Matriarch inside us but there is much we can do to reduce their toxic influence.

Healing a Broken or damaged relationship -  www.healing-relationships.growingaware.com


About broken relationships and what it takes to heal them.

Experiments in an alternative style of Voice Dialogue - www.growingaware.com


An experimental and alternate way of explaining voice dialogue using easy to visualise descriptions, fables and analogies based around life in the the "inner village" and the journey as we climb further up "Awareness Hill "  WARNING this website does not use classic voice dialogue wording or descriptions.

Other Websites we recommend


The following is a complete list of the sites in the Growing Awareness Series.  Each site is dedicated to a different topic relating to inner awareness and personal growth.  If you have any further questions about these sites, please contact me.

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