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It’s OK to feel “young at heart” as long as your emotional tool bag
doesn’t feel too empty or too disorganised at the same time

Growing Self Awareness

Emotional Age and Balancing Opposite Energies

Stage1. Developing awareness of your  different emotional ages and the tools they use. Not everyone has the same tool bag, so getting to know your own collection is a key to solving many of the stressful issues in your life. This first stage is easy, enlightening, sometimes enjoyable, occasionally a bit scary.

Stage 2. Separating the younger systems from the ‘real’ you

While each younger system is a part of you, no one of them is ‘you’. As you gently separate from them, using your rational mind and your Aware Grown Up System you become aware of which ones are right in one situation but not in another; which ones that are helping you and the others that may be holding you back.

Stage 3. Grown up systems balance and embrace opposing or opposite systems

The grown up self aware part of you develops as you continue to understand the whole system inside you. Don’t try to ‘get rid’ of a any of the younger parts or their tools, however. Those parts have been working their little hearts out for years, doing their best to protect you (and succeeding some of the time) waiting for your grown up self aware system to come along and take over. Embrace them, thank them and offer them a chance to have a short holiday. At the same time reassure it that there will be no sackings and no redundancies. It needs to be told during a dialogue session that it has a place in your heart forever. If two systems are in conflict with each other, (polar opposites) it’s the aware grown up's job to to build a balanced linkage between them. The same with balancing overly strong systems and too weak ones, while embracing them all. This is the start of real confidence, strength, peace, joy and much more in your life and of course deeper, and more intimate friendships.

Embracing the opposing inner selves Separating the selves from the real you

Many of us operate from day to day in a state of being controlled or run by our emotionally younger systems, which in essence are sub-personalities formed to fit in with our family of origin during childhood. For most of us, these emotionally younger systems endure, until we undertake a conscious process of recognising and balancing them.  This is a major element of the  Growing Awareness Process.  

The trilogy of drawings below was created by Carol Scott, a gifted facilitator, trainer and counsellor.  As 'Carolyn', she draws the most wonderful pictures of the different parts and patterns, complete with their emotional tools  and I have had great joy in including many of them throughout my book ' Growing Awareness'.
Carolyn's trilogy below helps illustrate what self awareness work is about.


My special thanks to Carolyn (Carol Scott) - the facilitator who drew these pictures of the inner parts for the trilogy of illustrations above. Carol has copyrighted her work so if you would like to reproduce it, please contact her for permission

Her e-mail is casbrighteyes@hotmail.com  

As Carol herself puts it:

"Voice dialogue ( a well known self awareness process) helped me meet, and get to know my emotionally younger systems as well-meaning friends who thought protecting me from my vulnerability included safeguarding me from discovering who the real ‘me’ was. As I grow into my real adult awareness I can, at last, truly be myself. The wonderful thing is, my ‘friends’ (my inner selves) now help me in other ways that are special for me and easier for them."

Carol Scott -  Facilitator, Artist, Trainer and Counsellor

Detailed information and worksheets on inner-self balancing are contained within my other sites or contact me by e-mail. bligh3@growingaware.com

For more online information regarding Inner-Self Balancing using Voice Dialogue please go to - www.voice-dialogue-inner-self-awareness.com

The Process of  Balancing Opposites

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