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It’s OK to feel “young at heart” as long as your emotional tool bag
doesn’t feel too empty or too disorganised at the same time

Growing Self Awareness

Parts of the Coloured EA Wheel

1. Your four emotional age zones

  * Pink sector plus the Orange - Red - two Yellow sectors (PYRO)

 * Green zone (STAR)

 * Blue Zone (WING)

 * Purple zone (SAGE)

2. Your Eleven EA sectors

Pink - (Very Young Very Vulnerable PYRO sector

* Vulnerable Child - Emotional Age Very Young.

Orange - Red - Yellow - PYRO
Protectors Young, Yellow, Red, Orange zone)

* Young and Needy  - Emotional Age Young but less Vulnerable.

* Young Fighter Survivor - Powerful survivors but over-react in a “young” way

* Young Fixer - Problem solving still has child like elements.

* Young Pusher-driver - Starts getting us un-stuck. Starts making things happen, getting things done.

Green - STAR
(Sensible Thinking Analytical Rational zone)

* Thinker Fixer - Looks at issues from both sides, then reason, analyse and resolve

* Aware Thinker - Sensible, rational, but an emotional decision maker

* STAR Explorer  -Thinking and Awareness starting to grow together

Blue - WING

(More Worthwhile, more Integrated more Grown-up zone)

* Aware thinking more balanced with feelings.

* Integrating and balancing with grown-up awareness -

* Welcoming growth and change.

Purple -  SAGE

(Self Aware Grown-up Energy)

* Strong Emotional Intelligence. Strong Rational thinking yet flexible and balanced with powerful empathy, intuition and spirit. Power and control issues replaced by loving and sharing skills

This website is only a very short summary of Emotional Age Awareness.  For a full explanation and understanding  read  my FREE book ”Introduction to Flying Awareness”

Ask me for your free copy  e-mail bligh3@growingaware.com

and I will send it by e-mail as a pdf file. Please use the header “EA Book”  (I have 21 books so I cannot respond to requests for “your  (unnamed) book/s)

See also  the extensive Bibliography which highlights 85 years of history behind self-awareness work.

Emotional Age Awareness - background notes

There are very powerful parts of us (yes every one of us) which can and do take over to metaphorically “drive our bus” but some of these parts don’t always have the emotional energy or competence for doing grown up work.

On these occasions, we often say to ourselves things like, “Why did I do that? Why do I keep doing this? Why did I lose control that way? Why did I get so angry? Why did I fall apart? Why was I so upset? Why did I make such a fuss?”

It helps to ask ourselves at times like this the questions: “Who is driving?”; “ Who is having those feelings?”; “Is it self-aware grown-up me or has an un-grown up part of me taken over the wheel?”

If the situation is serious and it looks like parts of you which are emotionally quite young are trying to deal with very big problems, that’s the time to ask, “Where’s my Aware Grown Up System?”

That’s where the Emotional Age Wheel comes in. It helps you “see” the situation from a more self-aware grown up position. You can use the Wheel to bring back your Self Aware Grown Up System (or SAGE for short) and let it take over the task, whatever it is.

Then you can explain to those emotionally younger parts of you, the emotionally younger energies or younger sub-personalities, “Thank you but this is grownups’ work. Leave it to me.”