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It’s OK to feel “young at heart” as long as your emotional tool bag
doesn’t feel too empty or too disorganised at the same time

Growing Self Awareness

I work from a professional point of view that recognizes emotions and feelings as extremely powerful parts of our personality. It’s not that we forget the overwhelming power of the rational analytical mind, it’s there too all the time but more and more we come across clients from all over the world who find themselves stuck with problems that they just cannot deal with using cognitive therapy or lots and lots of rational thinking.

It usually starts with a phone call or an e-mail from somewhere in Australia or anywhere in the World, the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, the Middle East and Africa. Someone has just found one of my web pages where I invite people to contact me.  So often the words are similar ….

“I just can’t cope any longer, I feel like giving up. It’s all too much.”  “I just can’t work it out”. “I just can’t go on” “I am lost”. “I give up”. “I shouldn’t have to do this”. “I’m  frightened”.

At the same time the person describes a sense of loss about “essential resources”, There is just not enough …….. …. time, money, energy, etc etc.” I don’t have enough power, I don’t have enough skills, I don’t have enough space, I don’t have enough joy, I don’t have enough love, I don’t have any friends, I don’t have enough brain power.” “I just can’t get started”.

This can be accompanied by a feeling of great tiredness.

“It’s just too hard;  I don’t want to have to do this any longer.”  

I recognize all to clearly that we are talking to someone adult according to the calendar and often a very successful business executive, teacher or a fellow therapist. But just at this time they are out of their grown-up system and have slipped back as we all do, into their much younger system.

Using your own Emotional Age   Color Wheel you can learn how easy it is to get yourself out of this very young emotional state, and stay out of it

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